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46. Die Hard

We recall Die Hard (1988) for the holidays! There's explosives, machine guns, and German accents! All the ingredients necessary for a Christmas classic. Plus, we talk about Winston the police officer and if there is a teddy bear in the movie.

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33. Gremlins

To celebrate this holiday season we recall Gremlins (1984), the movie where adorable kitten-toddlers turn into horrifying murder-monsters. Molly remembers being scarred watching the movie as a child, Joe Dante is born, and we find out why George Washington's birthday can be so depressing.

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6. Home Alone

Happy holidays from all of us at Totes Recall! In celebration of the holiday season, we watched the Christmas classic, Home Alone (1990). We remember Kevin McCallister's House of Horrors, Jaquette gets the old-man feels, and Molly realizes she's never seen the movie.

But wait, there's more! Keep an eye out for a special bonus episode on January 1.

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