Next at Bat, 59. Totes Recall, April 2015
The cast of Totes Recall (Dan Linden, Beth Gibbs, Dan Jaquette, and Molly Chase) discuss their roles in the production of the podcast and its surprisingly in-depth consideration of the nature of memory. Through trying to remember a movies they’ve all seen, they discover interesting notes about what they forgot, what they remember incorrectly, and how important timing is for both the movies placement in culture as a whole, and it impact on an individual’s personal development. They talk about genre tropes and how films can subvert them, for better or for worse, and try to keep in mind that all art is subjunctive, so you should try to give it a chance. They also do their best to make sure our podcast passes both the Bechdel Test and the Minority Report. Also, we kick down a bunch of doors to double check on Star-wipe.
— Next at Bat
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