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57. A League of Their Own

“There’s no crying in baseball,” is a line from this movie, we think. We recall A League of Their Own (1992). There is sisterhood, Tom Hanks is a cad, and an annoying kid becomes Hanks’ nemesis. Plus, we prove once and for all that none of us knows anything about baseball.

And also, Happy 4th Anniversary to us! Thank you all for listening and supporting the show. We love you.

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40. Batman & Robin

In celebration of our three-year anniversary, we recall the film that is in the center of our anni-venndiagram, Batman & Robin (1997). We remember enough to know that it is A) a Batman movie and B) stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus, we discover our new favorite person, Joe Prado, captain of transportation.

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28. Total Recall (2012)

Totes Recall just entered its terrible twos by recalling this terrible 2012 remake of Total Recall. Typically we try to watch a movie we've all seen, but this time we (p)recall the movie based on the original. We look forward to some crazy Arnie-style acting, Mars, and tummy muppets. Spoiler alert: we are sorely disappointed.

On our two-year anniversary, we would like to take this moment to thank all of our listeners for your continued support. Y'all are the best.

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