The Podcast

Human memory is flawed and we’re here to prove it. On the Totes Recall podcast, our hosts Molly Chase, Beth K. Gibbs, Dan Jaquette and Dan Linden discuss the intricate details of a popular film. The catch? It’s been years since they’ve watched it. Listen as they attempt to recap the plot, pull the names of secondary characters, and make bets whether a vat of acid appears at any point in the movie. At halftime, they press the pause button, watch the film and return with answers. Did they nail it? Or, more likely, did they forget the entire second half of the movie? Listen and play along. Make new memories while realizing all of your old ones are full of lies.

Totes Recall is a proud member of the Noise Picnic podcast network.

The Cast

Molly Chase

Molly Chase is an improvisor and podcaster in Minneapolis. She regularly performs and teaches improv at HUGE Theater. When not performing or working in arts administration, Molly is the co-host with worst memory on Totes Recall. For the record, she was totally right about the cat in Aliens.

Beth K. Gibbs

BKG is the producer of Totes Recall. She has watched all of the movies on AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies List (NBD). Beth also does all of the Totes illustrations, performs improv with her comedy trio, Ladyfriend, and produces podcasts for other people. Beth is #teammilk and #teamspace.


Dan Jaquette

In addition to his outstanding work on Totes Recall, Dan Jaquette is also an extremely well-loved improvisor in Minneapolis/St. Paul. He works from home with his dog and two cats and lives with his kid and wife in a house they bought. They are also all very great and good. He used to play the trumpet, but can't anymore. He thinks milk is for children and space is for robots.

Dan "also Dan" Linden

Dan Linden is the (usually) angrier, louder dude on Totes Recall. He had to watch a lot of terrible direct-to-video movies in a previous job, so just trust him when he says that he has seen a worse film than you have. This psychological torture/gainful employment has trained his brain to find slivers of joy in even the most turdly of cinematic attempts. He performs improv semi-regularly around the Twin Cities. He will never be satisfied with his Nic Cage impression.